The questions listed below are the questions that we find our customers asking us the most.

We hope they help you!

1. What kind of tools do you repair?

We are the authorized service center for most power tool brands. We repair cordless and corded small power tools, pneumatic nail and staple guns, 2cycle and 4cycle small gas engines as well as the equipment they power (ie compressors and generators) as well as some larger equipment like power trowels and flat saws.

2. What is the normal repair turn around time?

We repair on average about 100-150 tools and pieces of equipment per week. It usually takes about 5 business days for us to get to a tool and do a diagnostic. If we have the parts (we often do) and have the ok from the owner we will have the tool done on that day. If we have to order parts then it may take an additional 3-5 business days.

3. Can I buy the part and do the repair myself?

Absolutely!! Our trained parts professionals will help you look up your part and give you what knowledge we have to help you get your tool working.

4. Do you service all power tool brands?

Unfortunately not all brands, but most we do. And if we don’t we can refer you to someone who does. We do however service everything we sell.

5. What kind of tools do you sell?

Not only are we a service center for most of the major power tool brand but we sell them too!! Stihl, Yamaha Generators, Rolair compressors, Makita, Bosch, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Hitachi just to name a few! We typically do not sell it in a box.  We assemble and test run the equipment as well as instruct the user on the safe use of it. We also sell accessories and safety equipment to go along with these tools. 

6. Do you ever have sales or used equipment for sale?

Yes, we run sales on different tools and equipment almost every month! We also have used equipment that we have rebuilt for sale on a regular basis.

7. What is the guarantee on your repairs?

We guarantee our repairs for 30 days. But if it goes beyond the 30 days and our repair failed do to something we did or didn’t do we will still stand behind it.

8. Can I send my tool to you for repair?

Yes! We receive tools for repair by UPS and USPS every day. And ship them out the same way!

9. Is there a diagnostic fee and if so how much?

Yes there is a fee for doing a diagnostic on tools and equipment. It varies on the type of equipment depending on the average amount of time to tear down and check out completely.

On small power tools such as drills and grinders and most cordless it is only $25.

On larger equipment such as miter saws and hammer drills it is $35, breaker hammers $40, gas cut-off saws $50 and gas compressors and portable generators it is $60.

We typically require the fee upfront and if the repair is approved then the fee is applied toward the final bill. If your equipment wasn’t listed call and we would be happy to tell you what the diagnostic fee is for your tool.

10. What if I don’t repair it? Can I put the diagnostic fee towards a new tool?

Our service techs have decades of experience and we need to pay them for their time towards trying to save your tool or equipment. Unfortunately we cannot always put the diagnostic fee towards a new.  In the case that your tool is unrepairable or it isn’t economically feasible, we will give you the best deal we can on a new tool.

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