Hotsy is one of the best known industrial pressure washer brands available today. Hotsy pressure washers are built to handle the toughest of cleaning jobs, and are used by professionals in a wide variety of cleaning applications. There are two types of Hotsy pressure washers.

Helpful hint…if you are trying to remove grease or oil from the surface of what you’re cleaning, go with a hot water model.

Hotsy hot water pressure washers and cold water pressure washers feature the most rugged high-pressure pump in the industry – the Hotsy Pump – which we proudly back by a 7 year warranty. Heavy-duty construction is evident in the welded Hotsy frame, unlike pressure washers you may find at a big box retailer, held together with nuts a bolts. This ensures the power washer holds up to vibration better.

Tap into the expertise of your local Hotsy Dealer
Selecting the right commercial pressure washer for your job can not only save you valuable time, but can also extend the life of your pressure washer. Your local Hotsy Dealer understands the challenges you face, and will strive to match your cleaning needs with a Hotsy model that is perfect for what you’re cleaning. Many Hotsy dealers have 20+ years of experience and are experts in the field. Contact your local Hotsy dealer today to learn more about your industrial cleaning options.

Discover top-quality, long lasting Hotsy pressure washers & see for yourself why “Nothing Cleans Like a Hotsy!”

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